Born into a family of five girls, I learned early on how to compromise, communicate and make myself heard when needed to. I guess my Scandinavian roots provided me with a shut-up-and-work-hard-attitude, but I also need to bring out the inner child in me.

I've lived and learned in Helsinki, New York and Los Angeles and now I am reaching out in Europe.

I believe that by being a writer and director you owe the audience an explanation - you cannot be selfish when it comes to story telling. That and a lot of hard work. 

In 2011 I graduated with a MFA in Filmmaking from The New York Film Academy. Currently my passions lies with getting my first feature film rolling.

I want to be challenged, I need to write and direct, I crave creative work and I love meeting new collaborators. 

Behind the scene from our Sommarkollo shoot.